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Custom Maps by Geo Prints: We guarantee you will get the Custom Maps you need, when you need them.

Your Coverage Area:
Geo Prints can create a custom map for you that covers your area or any area 
you want. Define your Coverage area by:

  • Radius
  • Drive Time
  • Custom Polygons
  • Territories, Delivery Areas
  • Coordinate Locations and more!

Your Content: Tell us as much as you can about the detail and area you need. It also helps us to understand the purpose of the map, or how it will be used, so we can access the full depth of our experience.

Custom Maps contain your custom content including:

  • Specific Locations, we can geo-code any number of locations.
  • Points of Interest
  • GIS Data Layers
  • Names of Businesses
  • Demographics and Census Data
  • Street Level Detail
  • Custom labels and more!

Custom Sizes:
Our standard sizes range from 11 x 7 inches to to 42 x 60 inches and larger. You can customize your maps
to ANY size you need.

Digital maps can be any size. They are delivered as vector, layered Adobe Illustratorâ„¢ or PDF files. They are fully editable so you can change the colors and fonts and add or delete information. 

Custom Styles:
You can also customize your maps in various styles by adding:

  • Custom Colors and Fonts
  • Inset Maps
  • Indexes
  • Themes
  • Logos
  • Location points and more!

How it Works: Contact us to get started on a quote. We will work with you to design the map and locate the right data and you will approve a proof (or two) before finalization.

Cost: Our maps are a custom-made product and therefore it is hard to give specific pricing without knowing more about the project. Contact us to get started and we can get you set up with one of our map makers and get you a quote.