About Us

Geo Prints is a map design company that specializes in print and digital custom cartography and GIS based solutions to provide a data driven approach to spatial mapping. Geo Prints offers fully custom maps and brand-able maps from our retail partners.

We are a GIS based company and offer a wide variety of spatial data and mapping solutions with global data on more than 90% of the world’s population with more than 15,000 data variables including demographic, market, business listings, lifestyle, and consumer spending.

Whatever your mapping needs may be, let Geo Prints locate your data and visualize it for you!  Visit our custom mapping page and the market and demographic data page for more information: Custom Maps 

Regional maps, territory maps, delivery area, congregation maps, location finder, neighborhood maps and much more.

Looking for an awesome map for your boardroom, classroom or even your home, then look no further!


Infographics make great additions to any report or presentation. We also offer dynamic infographics that can be embedded into websites.


15,000+ data variables—demographics, business locations, consumer spending and purchasing power at multiple geographies, national to block-group levels.



Take your favorite cities and places and turn them into beautiful works of art.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to remember that trip to Europe, honeymoon, your college, hometown, or anything else check out our partner site Mapiful.com or click the link below to start designing your map! 


Featured Products!


The 2019 Next EXIT® is the most complete Interstate Highway Exit Directory ever printed!


You’ll find a thorough exit-by-exit listing of every service
you will ever need while traveling including food, gas,
lodging, camping, shopping, and much more. This
“Exit Bible” will enhance your traveling experience.
Never take the wrong exit again with the Next EXIT®!
Features include:
• Comprehensive! 500+ pages
• Easy to read size! 8½ x 11 inches
• Accurate! Published annually
• Precise!

2019 North America Deluxe Road Atlas, the flagship atlas of the series, just got even better! 


In addition, we’ve included QR codes for each state Department of Transportation web site. Just scan the code with a smart phone and have weather, traffic & construction information at your finger tips!

Features include:
+ Detailed maps of the United States, Canada, and Mexico
+ 52,000+ indexed cities – more than most atlases available
+ Convenient, same page indexing for cities, national parks, and toll roads – no more flipping back and forth
+ QR Codes for all State DOT sites 
+ Saddlestitch; 148 Pages 
+ GPS compatible longitude and latitude grid information